Friday, January 16, 2015


Thinking about inserting a very important secondary character, known as the Lens Carver, into a novel I am outlining.  Then, I got to thinking, “Four hundred years ago, they didn’t carve lenses, did they?  Didn’t they grind them or something?”  (Note: the only crafty things I can do with my hands are type and play the guitar, so I need to research things like this.)

I like “The Lens Carver” so much better than “The Lens Grinder.”  In fact, every time I hear the word “grinder” I think of those legendary bardsmen from my high school days, Judas Priest …

Grinder! … Look-ing for meat!
Grinder! … Wants you to eat!

(Note 2: I am not making fun of Judas Priest.  I still love them, but you gotta approach them with a certain mindset …)

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