Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Were We Supposed to Get Snow Yesterday?

Well, that was a bust.

What a fearful people we’ve become! 

I laugh at those “in charge” of our schools and our state, local and federal governments.  You are fools and cowards. 

That off my chest, I can begin the main body of this post.

The Great Nor’Easter of 2015 dumped … a great grand total of three inches of snow on my town yesterday.  Those three inches brought my town – and the entire northern part of the state, from what I can tell – to a screaming halt, closed down schools for a day and a half, forced us to park our third car on our front lawn, and made me lose a full day of work (I had to burn a personal day to make up the income). 

I am sick of the schools pre-emptively shutting down thirty-six hours before a storm comes into town.  The possibility of a storm.

I am sick of the media herding the more frightened among us, contagious in their fear like the 28 Days Later virus, driving them panicking into the stores for bread and milk, into the gas stations to fuel up the cars, and out of the stores that drive the engines of our economy.  Shame on you all in the media.

The only positive, the only plus, for me and my family, was that I was able to spend yesterday afternoon camped out on the living room floor with my girls, among pillows and blankets, watching Sci Fi movies (The Thing from Another World), chuckle-worthy teevee shows (America’s Funniest Home Videos), and Patch cartoons (Uncle Grandpa).  I was also able to read about 40 pages of my book and soak in the tub with some Epsom salts to sooth my aching, pre-storm-shovelin’ muscles.  The wife, fortunately, was able to telecommute, so she could stay at home to watch the girls, since the dolts who run the school system in our town still kept the schools closed while they cleared the three inches off the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.

I know they’re so, so, so terrified of Buffalo 2014.  You know, where those expert weatherpersons predicted a foot and seven feet actually arrived.  Every time now when I dismiss a news report I’m going to hear “Buffalo! Buffalo! Buffalo!”  Heck, this morning the wife and I saw that dimwit Cuomo on the tube going “Buffalo! Buffalo! Buffalo!”  So, no, I don’t believe the Great Not Nor’Easter of 2015 will change anything.

It was a mixed blessing, though.  Only half the people showed up at work today, and in the relative quiet I was able to catch up on a few projects.  Back to the grind tomorrow though.

Please: Do not get caught up with the hype with this snow nonsense.  People survive and thrive – and have survived and thrived for centuries – in the northern Midwest, in Canada, in Scandinavia and Siberia – with the threat of snowstorms greater than three inches in a single fall.  Have some common sense (always keep adequate food and emergency supplies on hand), and faith in God, yourself, and your fellow man (unless he’s a government bureaucrat), and we’ll all do fine.

At least the girls had a fun day off.  Here’s a closeup of a snowman they built in the backyard, which they’re calling Jabba the Hut:

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Anonymous said...

Until "they" realize Mother Nature...aka God...has the final say, we will have to put up with dopplers!!!