Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Stupidist

Whilst eating my lunch and surfing the web at work, I stumbled across a comment on a blog post which contained the sentence:

“That’s the stupidist thing you’ve ever written!”

How lovely the irony!

I find so much delight in this that I am officially coining a new word:

Stupidist = a student of stupidity.

No, not just a student.  A connoisseur of stupidity.  More than a stupidity buff, a devotee to the stupid arts, a gourmet, a bon vivant of all things stupid – but a veritable expert on the anti-intelligent, a virtuoso of idiocy.

The Stupidist.

But the thing is, by its a priori nature, by definition, a Stupidist can not be stupid himself.  Hence, the author of that unfortunately fortuitous comment cannot be labeled a Stupidist.

Just stupid.

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