Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's Always Something!

So now the clothes dryer won’t dry clothes.  It runs on gas.  When you put a load in and turn it on, you hear a click and then the gas is fired up into the thing and 40 minutes later your clothes are dry.

This is not now happening.

I religiously clean the lint trap, so that’s not it.  The gas is working ’cause we got heat in the house and the stove works. I crawled under the deck in the mud and muck to check the exhaust vent, and that was clear.  The only thing I can’t do is remove the tube from the back of the dryer to make sure that’s not blocked because I don’t have the tool for it.  Might have to go over to my buddy’s house to borrow it, though.

I told my wife, who needs to have her laundry done because she’s flying out to Pittsburgh for a week for her new job, what the scoop was.  She wasn’t happy.  Neither am I.  “It’s always something,” I said in disgust.  “No it isn’t,” she said, maybe to cheer me up.

But, going chronologically backwards over the past five months, we’ve needed furnace maintenance with the prospect of being told we need to start saving for a new one this summer; the water pump in the Impala to be replaced because its leaking was causing the car to overheat; the igniter to be replaced in the kitchen stove because, well, the stove just wasn’t working; the upstairs toilet to be professionally plunged to remove a clog that was causing water to leak into the kitchen downstairs; a new roof finally put on the house, a few years overdue, for both cosmetic and leak prevention measures.

Something every month.  I’m at wits end.  I just want thirty days where nothing breaks, where nothing has to be done or something worse will happen, thirty days where my bank account can just rest and catch its breath.

Okay.  Rant off.  Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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