Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ah, Spring!

Past two days sunny and beautiful.

Temps in the mid-70s.

Spring is here!

Spent three hours out at a couple of parks with the girls.  Back of my neck sunburnt.  Legs achy from all the walking we did.  Tired from all the fresh air I’ve inhaled.  Guilted by all the people, men and women, of all ages, out there running. 

Loved every minute spent with my girls, the perfect ages of ten and six.  Don’t grow old, ladies!  Please!

But my favorite time of the weekend (if you allow me a little bit of selfishness), was the hour I sat on the cool green grass, in the shade under a sprawling oak tree, overlooking the playground where Patch and Little One cavorted with two or three dozen other young children, while I journeyed out to Barsoom with John Carter for three or four chapters.

Ah, Spring!

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