Thursday, April 30, 2015

April is Ending

Overall, a much better month than March for me and mine here.
Lessee ... We all ate a wee bit healthier, and I’ve started a program of walking (now including both little ones with me) in hopes of leading up to running.  The wife and I actually found three –  (3) – three! opportunities to dine out by ourselves, sans children. I read two Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, a baseball book, some science and some religion.  Watched a whole bunch of Survivorman episodes (Season One from 2005 as well as the new Survivorman: Bigfoot episodes) – Great American Wild you are now on notice!  Began an interesting research project I’m hoping to turn into my first nonfiction book, though I’m only about ten percent in.  Work has been progressively less stressful (though that kinda makes me nervous that something bad’s just around the corner ...)  There’s no more snow, there are leaves on the trees, the bills are paid and the house is functioning, although we did have a spell of dead mouse odor in the basement we couldn’t get rid of.
Oh well.  All in all, things are in a slight upswing for House Hopper.
What do I want to accomplish in May?

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