Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Girls in a Nutshell

Last night the little ones were sleeping over their grandparent's house.  The wife and I, exhausted after an eventful week and partaking of our Lenten fasts, settled in and had two slices apiece of vegetarian pizza to break our Friday fast.  Seeing nothing of note on the DVR, we finally stopped on Dateline,  the news show where every now and then that weird and creepy white hired old guy juicily details a gory murder mystery and trial in lurid detail.

This morning, I'm in the shower as my wife is getting dressed when last night's show comes up.  In it, the murdered woman's toddler daughter played a role, and we start talking about our little ones, and my comment, I think, perfectly captures the essence of my two girls, Little One age 10 and Patch age 6.

"If I was ever the victim of an unsolved murder," I said, "Little One would write an emotional semi-autobiographical bestselling memoir about it, and Patch would devote her life to tracking down and catching the killer."

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