Friday, April 10, 2015

Project Go!

So the ladies are all heading down to DC tomorrow morning to visit my wife's newborn nephews (I guess they're my nephews, too; it just feels weird writing that).  Little One and Patch can't wait to see their cousins.  They'll also take in the sights at our nation's capital.  Me, I'm holding down the fort.  Gonna stay productive ... get all the errands done, wake early, go for walks, represent the family at Mass.  Oh!  Most importantly, begin serious work on that cryptic project I mentioned a few days ago. Also, a book review tomorrow or Sunday.  In honor of the 150th anniversary of the ending of the Civil War - rather, Lee's surrendering of the Army of Northern Virginia, 150 years ago yesterday, which for all intents and purposes ended the Confederacy - I might repost something nifty I wrote when I was back into the whole great conflict two or three years back.

See ya tomorrow!

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