Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wherefore Art Thou, Hopper?

OK, OK, I know "wherefore" is Shakespeare for "why" and not "where," but allow me to slum a bit, and go with a pithy blog post heading.

I've been around.  Here.  There.  Just not online.

Been very busy.  Work being busy is a given, but the past week it's been even more so, so that I haven't found time to write during lunch.  The computer in the writing office is still battling the worm.  Though, truth be told, I haven't resumed the battle since Sunday.  Can't seem to find a restore point in System Restore, which I find odd, and if I can I think I can beat this thing.  That is, without shelling out dough.

So I am writing this on the iPad.  You know how I feel about that.

Anyway ...

Lots to say.  I will resume the once-daily post.  But there have been the usual thoughts - on books, movies, theology, math, politics.  I did a little correspondence with a company over the Indiana RFRA thing which I'll post about.  Thoughts on C.S. Lewis which may surprise you.  Watching SF with the girls.  Baseball.  The Walking Dead.

So ... more tomorrow.  And this weekend: WORM - YOU ARE TOAST!

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