Monday, April 6, 2015

Virus Boy

OK ... my 10+ year old PC at home is pretty much toast with all the viruses and junk clogging it up.  Since it's so old and outdated I don't want to spend the cash to try to get it up and running.  All my valuable documents and photos and whatnot are safely stored elsewhere, so I don't need it. I guess we'll be shopping for a PC to pick up at some point cuz we do need one for various stuff that we have to do.

Anyway, I get to work this morning, fire up my completely-unrelated and unconnected work computer, and start juggling the debits and credits.  An hour later the IT guy comes up to my desk.  "Hopper," he says, "I need to schedule a diagnostic run on your workstation tonight.  Got an alert your anti-virus software has been turned off."

Ay caramba!  What am I contagious now?!?

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