Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Banana Phone Call

We were reminiscing today about one of the funniest things Little One ever did. It happened about two years ago, when she was in kindergarten. I kept picking up a banana from the fruit dish in our kitchen, pretending it a ringing phone. I’d dramatically have a one-sided conversation with a monkey on the other line.

After a half-dozen times, I again answered an imaginary ringing banana. “It’s for you,” I said, handing the fruit over to my daughter. “It’s that monkey again.”

She puts her snack down on the table, grabs the banana from my hand and places it to her ear. “Stop calling our house!” she says matter-of-factly, but with authority, placing the banana back on the imaginary receiver. Then she goes back to her snack.

I still laugh to this day.

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