Thursday, February 23, 2012


Okay, this is getting old very fast.

Got a frantic call at work from the day care center around 11 am: Patch, her first morning back since her three-day hospitalization for pneumonia last weekend, fell in the playground. Not only did she fall, she fell into a giant ceramic turtle, causing a one-inch gash halfway up her forehead over her right eye. The day care owner called me, saying that while the bleeding has stopped, she may have to go get stitches.

Immediately, I thought of this ...

Fortunately, the wife was home; she immediately drove up to get poor little Patch. Stitches were necessary, so they went to the local Emergency Room for the second time in six days. This time around, though, they were only there two hours. A plastic surgeon on call came in, numbed the area around the wound, stitched it up with as little trauma as possible, and they were discharged after lunch.

Suffice it to say that this time around Patch has learned how to work it. Mommy bought her some Maggie Moos ice cream, and Daddy got her a sugar cookie, chocolate milk, and a gigantic gumball.

How can you say “no” to a face like this?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Baby Girl!