Sunday, February 26, 2012

Four Hours Sleep

I’ve been up for about twelve hours now, my body running on empty on four hours’ sleep. Why I got only four hours’ sleep is not important. What I find interesting is what I’ve accomplished today by sheer force of will. Makes me think I can survive one of the special forces hell week training thingies. Well, at least not die during one.

Anyway, ahem.

What I Did On Four Hours Sleep

Cleaned the basement
Bought $193.55 worth of groceries with two children in tow
Picked up my daughter from her first sleepover
Chatted up parents at said sleepover
Read 25 pages of a brain power book (/irony)
Read 18 pages of Prelude to Foundation (/awesome)
Chased the little ones outside in the backyard (for five minutes)
Took a hot bath reading a pictorial history of the Civil War
Filed away all the bills and receipts on my desk
Watched The UFO Incident on youtube
Organized my books and CDs on the shelf behind me
Remembered to take omega 3 and B vitamin pills
Brought in dry cleaning from trunk of car
Assembled my daughter’s lava lamp
Reviewed my GOALS2005.xls for the heck of it
Figured out how to play Peaches on my acoustic
Dropped off Patch’s Super Kitty Princess in the library bin
Drew a picture of a cat for Patch
Fed daughters apples, cheese sticks, and mini-muffins for lunch
Left a couple of political comments on Facebook
Added a long-forgotten idea to my WritingAgenda.doc

And I still have eight hours to go!

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Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted! It's easier going to work! Always