Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Quick Word of Regret

Apologies – I’m exhausted.

Worked a full day, short lunch, coordinating meetings and solving problems. Left an hour early, grabbed Little One from daycare, took her to dinner, then “Family Math Night” at her elementary school. Fun, it was, playing games and learning math magic tricks. She made me proud, as she always does, and I beamed with pride as she went up to the smart board in front of 50+ parents and peers to solve a magic square. Got home, did some exercise bike and a weight workout (my latest thing), and now I’m going through our tax stuff to get ready for an appointment with H & R this Sunday. It’s a monumental task I somewhat optimistically labeled at three hours’ dedication.

So I’m pretty tired, and when I’m tired, I can’t think of much to write about.

I do have stuff to write about, though. A post on biographies, a review of Contagion. Some other stuff, too, that are just ideas bouncing round billiard-style inside my skull.

So, forgive me. Please do check back tomorrow, and anytime after.

Your Faithful Friend and Servant,


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