Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We, aeronauts of the spirit! … it was our fate to be wrecked against infinity.”

- Nietzsche

Ah, one of the most vivid, exciting writers of philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche.  Too bad the bottom line of his thought goes maddeningly against the grain of everything I hold innately and dearly.  But despite this, I am feeling the temptation to do a reading of his works, ten or so books of varying lengths – but what prose!  what images!  what refreshingly gusto, bravado and braggadocio!  So he went insane at a relatively young age.  The only work of his I read – Zarathustra – gripped my spirit immediately as Something I Had Never Read Before.  Thinking perhaps a January-to-sometime-in-early-spring reading experiment might be in order here.  And just what does that mean – “wrecked against infinity” …

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