Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gut Check

So it’s been a week since my “rock bottom” post.  How have I done?

Well ……

Let’s focus on the postive, shall we?  (That in itself is a recent development.)  In the past seven days, I

- went from a “D” in diet and nutrition to a “B-minus”

- drank no beer or alcohol (save a glass of wine with dinner last Saturday)

- enjoyed no daily sugar desserts (but did have ice cream twice)

- walked one morning at the crack of dawn

- kicked the soccer ball around for an hour with the girls

- cleaned and organized over half my desk at work

- slept a peaceful minimum of seven hours six nights (only one instance of insomnia)

- got half the family’s finances caught up and accounted for

- ate an organic apple a day

- made myself a nutritious breakfasts every day (oatmeal based)

Hmmm.  Not great, A+ material, but a decent enough start, I suppose.  The goal is to drop weight.  That I didn’t accomplish; still at the status quo.  But I feel a little better than I did seven days ago, so that’s a worthwhile benefit, too.  Actually, that’s probably the long-term goal.  So, hopefully a little more consistent progress for my report next week.

Here’s to good eating!

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