Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thug Central

No, it’s not really Thug Central where I work, but – in the past thirty days we’ve let go

- a dude who lifted up his shirt revealing a knife to a manager who just gave him a verbal warning for being late

- a dude who tested positive for marijuana use after slyly trying to dodge taking the mandatory test for two weeks

- a dude who said he lost his paycheck, was given another, and then deposited both of them into his bank account

- a dude who put a mirror on his shoe and looked up the dress of a female coworker (!!!) in front of his entire department

Yeah, uh, it’s not Thug Central.  More like the Palace of Idiots.  Though those four individuals represent only three percent of the entire workforce.  I guess three percent idiot is above average to the population at large, so perhaps I should be patting myself on the back …

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